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Item Description Price
per hour miscellaneous and "from scratch" 20.00
shorten gown at waist, or remove & replace stiffner/binding, etc 35.00
bustle buttons & loops 30.00
small seam per layer up to 6", take-in or let-out, 2-sides 15.00
long seam per layer more than 6" take-in or let-out, 2-sides 20.00
zipper, change remove, take-in or let-out, replace 20.00
full skirt hem machine sewn 15.00
narrow skirt hem machine sewn 10.00
skirt hem sewn by hand, per hour 20.00
skirt, gather waist shorten or lenghten at waist 35.00
pants hem, simple machine sewn 15.00
pants hem with cuff, or sewn by hand 20.00
pant legs - taper 20.00
waistband remove, take-in or let-out, replace 20.00
hem sleeves lined or cuffed 20.00
shorten straps 10.00
press per hour 20.00
handling charge gown - consultation & pinning 20.00
handling charge other garment - consultation & pinning 10.00

* Prices are labor only and are subject to change. This is only a price guide.

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